Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I am in the process of creating a new sperm necklace!  I am expanding my series on sperm and ovum as wearable art objects.  The orginal sperm and ovum necklaces are about role reversal between the sexes in a mondern day society, taken down to the biological level.  These are about an appreciation for the physiological process, as well as a celebration of what defines a male and female. 

Now I am playing with how the new neck pieces will be better and more aesthetically pleasing.  I 3-D modeled the sperm and printed them in ABS plastic.  Figuring out how they lay and sit on an individual's neck is time consuming, but the designs I can be fun!  I love the reaction I get from different people when they see them, sometimes they are taken aback, but most times people think they are fun.

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